Friday, 1 March 2019

March and April 2019 Services

At Audley ( ST7 8EN):

No Liturgy on 6th March.

13th, 20th, 27th March at 7.30pm  - Liturgy of Pre-sanctified Gifts;
Mon. 25th March Annunciation Liturgy at 11am;
3rd, 10th, 17th April at 7.30pm - 
Liturgy of the Pre-sanctified Gifts;
Thurs. 25th April at 11am - Divine Liturgy;
Mon. 29th April at 11am - Liturgy for Saint George, transferred from 23rd

At Dresden (ST3 4PD):

Every Saturday : 6pm Great Vespers (except 9th)
with Memorials March 2nd; 23rd; 30th; April 6th

Every Sunday :10am Matins; 11am Divine Liturgy.
Forgiveness Ceremony after Liturgy 10th March; 
Icon Procession after Liturgy 17th March;
Palm Procession 21st April after Liturgy;

Great Canon 7pm 11th; 12th;14th March; 11th April
Akathist 7pm 15th; 22nd; 29th; March; 12th April

Sat. 20th April at 11am Divine Liturgy of Lazarus;
Bridegroom Matins April 22nd and 23rd at 7pm;
24th April Anointing Service at 7pm;
Thursday 25th at 7pm Matins with twelve Gospel Readings;
Fri. 26th April at 10am Decorate the Bier;
12noon Vespers and Epitaphios Procession;
6pm Matins and Bier Procession;
Sat. 27th April at 11am Divine Liturgy; 11.30pm (Sun 12am) Matins;  New Light and Liturgy of Pascha; (3am food in Scouts Hall);
Sun. 2pm Paschal Vespers of Love.

Name Days

March 2019
18th Edward Bendo; Dylan Edward; server Edward
20th Photini (Julie)
25th Mary Makings; Despina
31st Marianne

April 2019
23rd George Dobson; George Coulis; George Gandy; Georgia Winter; Alice Davidchack; Alexandra Bendo;


March 2019
20th Matthew Kinnersley; Ioannes (2013)
23rd Elizabeth Boothby (2007)
28th Priest Patrick (2008)
29th Barbara Worth (2008)

April 2019
8th Fanoula (2015)
16th John Sidney Yeomans (2002)
17th Demetra (2002)
22nd Chad Makings (1999)

Parish Feasts
18th March  Saint Edward Aelthelhampton
23rd April  our Cathedral of Saint George, London
March 4th Meeting of Trustees/Council 7pm at Dresden


Friday, 1 February 2019

February 2019 Services

At Audley ( ST7 8EN):

Every Wednesday Liturgy at 11am

At Dresden (ST3 4PD / ST3 4NE):

Every Saturday : 6pm Great Vespers

Every Sunday :10am Matins
 11am Divine Liturgy

Sat. 2nd : 11am Divine Liturgy

17th is the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee, so no fasting 17th to 24th;

Name Days
3rd  Archimandrite Simeon; Anna Frances; Anna Nicolaou
11th Teodora
19th Philothei
23rd Valentina
26th Photini

2nd Fr. Alban (2009)

10th Photini (2006)