Saturday, 2 June 2018

June 2018 Services

At Audley ( ST7 8EN):

Every Wednesday Liturgy at 11am
Friday 29th Liturgy at 11am

At Dresden (ST3 4PD / ST3 4NE):

Every Saturday : 6pm Great Vespers (except 30th )
Every Sunday :10am Matins 11am Divine Liturgy.


3rd (All Saints) Sorin and Roxana
22nd Alban Robert
29th Pauline Joan Baiasu; Paul Dominic; Pavlos Harvey; Fr. Elwin; Fr. Samir.


3rd Bede (2009)
15th Stefan (2014)

Parish Feasts

9th Doncaster
17th London, Saint Botolph

Mon. 4th June 7pm Meeting of Trustees/Council
Sun. 24th Parish AGM after the Liturgy.

Pilgrimage notices

Sat. June 30th Crowland
Sat. August 4th Ilam
Sat. October 6th Holywell

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

May 2018 Services

At Audley ( ST7 8EN):

No Liturgies 9th, 16th, 30th.

Only two Wednesday Liturgies on 2nd and 23rd

At Dresden (ST3 4PD):

Every Saturday : 6pm Great Vespers
(except 5th and 12th)

Every Sunday :10am Matins
 (except 6th and 13th )

11am Divine Liturgy.
 (except 6th and 13th when Lay Typica will be served at 11am)

Sunday May 20th
10am Holy Baptism followed by Divine Liturgy at 11am

Fr. Samuel is away for two weeks holiday and then the Archdiocesan Conference. 

4th Polina Pelagia
8th Patriarch John and Hugh
10th Simon Harvey
21st Fr. Constantin; Dr. Elena Aileni; Ileana Badin;
 Helena Batkin; Elena Bendo; Emma Fahey; Ileana Grigoriou; Elena Page.
30th Isaac Norman

 20th Jean Grace (2008)

Parish Feasts
21st Colchester and York.