Wednesday, 1 July 2020

July 2020 Services

At Audley ( ST7 8EN)  -   NO SERVICES

At Dresden (ST3 4PD):

Divine Liturgy 11am every Sunday only.

Name Days

12th Veronica Irene
17th Rita; Marina
18th Dara Elizabeth; Elizabeth Nash
20th Fr. Elia; Ghassan
24th Anca


9th Fr. Peter Ford (2018)
23rd Tameena (2011)
26th Arthur James (2008); Azhar (2016)
31st Tsinara (2008)

Parish Feasts

17th St. Marina, Longton and Grimsby.


We shall open the church at Dresden for worship at 11am on Sunday 5th July.

Please do not come if you have any symptoms of covid19!( Persistent cough, loss of sense of taste or smell, raised temperature, fatigue and diarrhoea.)

We have put in place the following provisions: (which must be observed.)

1. One entrance only (the west door) with signage and attended by a steward.

2. Inside door ( also attended) with a hand sanitizer station and face masks for all.

3. Icons, sand trays and candles at the back of the main aisle.

4. Pews spaced to 1.25 metres (allowing around sixty single seats) with signage for spaces.
    Families would occupy a whole pew.

5. One way system for prosphora. Prosphora served not self-service.

6. Manned exit only via the north door with hand sanitizer station and bin for disposable face masks.

7. No toilet facilities.

8. No refreshments or bookstall. Depart promptly after the service.

9. Large open copper plate for offerings.

10. No singing. I will serve the Liturgy with sub-deacon Terence making the responses, both using radio microphones.

11. There is room in the altar for three servers, well-spaced., including Terence, acting as "cantor" .

12. Each person will be asked to "sign in" with contact details in case of the necessity to "track and trace".

13. Communion will be with one spoon as per past instructions.

14. I will serve only the Divine Liturgy in church each Sunday, so leaving a whole week before the next use of the church.

15. Both doors will remain fully open throughout the Liturgy to ensure a free flow of air.

16. No Communion. (read Bishop's letter bellow)

If we strictly observe these conditions we will be safeguarding each other, our priest and servers, and the wider community.
Baptisms/Christenings will not be permitted for some time yet.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would be willing to act as a steward or to serve in the altar on a rota basis.

With love and prayers, 
Fr. Samuel.


Letter from 
His Eminence, Metropolitan Silouan:

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland 


An Instruction to All Parishes from His Eminence, Metropolitan Silouan 

The UK Government has today published further guidance on the opening of churches and other places of worship from 4th July.

You are to observe the following:

1. Before opening to public worship you, along with the members of the parish council and any other body with responsibility for the parish, are to read the government guidance and confirm to me that you are strictly following the guidance. You may do this by emailing me and only then will I give your community a blessing to open: without this you do not have a blessing to serve the Liturgy in an open church nor any other divine service. 

2. I have stated already, on 1st and 23rd June, how we are to give Communion: it is now clear, though, that this is not in accordance with the regulations from the UK Government. In our churches which open, therefore, Communion will not be given to the Faithful. I say this with a heavy heart and once the regulations change I will look to reverse this decision immediately so that the Faithful will, once again, be able to receive the Holy Gifts. 

3. Directly after the priest receives Communion, he is to bless the people and say, "O God, save thy people and bless thine inheritance," and continue the Liturgy as normal. 

4. Antidoron may be given at the end of the service. Strict hygiene standards must be observed, and the piece of bread must be given by a person who has washed hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds, and wears gloves: the bread may be dropped into each person's hand. 

5. No other mysteries of the Church — certainly baptisms, but also chrismations, weddings and funerals — may be served without my direct blessing and guidance for each occasion. 

6. Social distancing is to be maintained at 2 metres between families. This may be reduced to "1m+" only if mitigations are made. It is good practice, wherever possible, to have different routes for entry and exit. Hand sanitizer stations should be at the entrance and exit. 

7. The Liturgy has no maximum number of people allowed to attend but may be limited by appropriate risk assessments. The maximum number of people who may be present for weddings and funerals is 30. 

8. Neither icons nor the Cross should be kissed. 

9. There should be no singing nor projecting of voices. Microphones and speakers should be used, where possible, and the priest and chanter should read in a speaking voice. 

10. Where possible cash donations should be discouraged, if unavoidable, cash should be collected in one place and handled by one person only. 

11. A register system of all those present needs to be created and administered strictly to facilitate the NHS Test and Trace service. These records need to be kept for at least 21 days. 

12. The regulations allow for toilets to be open so long as appropriate hygiene standards are maintained: however, I recommend that all toilets are closed.

Feast of St Peter and St Paul, 29th June 2020


Friday, 12 June 2020



Some of you have been asking about opening the churches.
Look at the documents below please to see why we are not opening yet but awaiting the time when we can do so safely for worship.
May God bless us all and keep us safe.

His Eminence Metropolitan Silouan advises that he does not consider access for private prayer to be necessary at this time, but if it is to be provided in any parish, it must be by an adherence to the Archdiocesan Safety Protocol documents and his blessing before commencement.

Parish Risk Assessment – Private Prayer (for clergy and parish officers: 12th June 2020, Edition 2)

Compliance Check List – Private Prayer (for clergy and church officers, 12th June 2020, Edition 2)

Parishioner Visits Instructions – Private Prayer (for visitors to church: 12th June 2020, Edition 2)

Government Safety Instructions – Private Prayer (for the attention of all: 12th June 2020)

Fr. Samuel