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About the First Russian Emigration to Britain
By Vasilii Zakharov

Many millions of Russians left their homeland after the 1917 revolution, but only a few thousand came to Britain. They enriched the country to which they came and contributed out of all proportion to their numbers, and although many books have been written about individual members of this, the ‘first’ emigration, and a few about specific aspects of their life abroad, hardly anything has appeared about the Russian refugee community in Britain as a whole. This book seeks to do this, and it also includes the historical context from the time of the very first recorded contacts between Russia and Britain in the 16th century. It also includes some little-known episodes involving Russians, such as the story of the 1st Russian Tank Detachment of the British Army.

Partly historical, partly biographical, this account is written by one of the last living descendants of the emigration who actually knew most of those involved.

Paperback, 389 pages, 90 illustrations
Price: £12.99 + £2.80 postage

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Vasilii Zakharov, Residence Les Tilias 2, 28 Chemin de la Planche Brulee, F-01210, Ferney-Voltaire, France, e-mail: vasilii.zakharov[at]

All profits from sales of this book will go to help orphan children in Russia and for equipping the hospital of the Sharmandino monastery

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