Thursday, 1 April 2021

April 2021 services


At Dresden  (ST3 4NE/ST3 4PD)

11am Divine Liturgy every Sunday

Great and Holy Week

Mon. 26th 7pm Matins of the Bridegroom

Wed.28th 7pm Anointing Service

Thurs. 29th 11am Divine Liturgy

     7pm Twelve Passion Gospels

Fri. 30th 10am Decoration of the Bier

2pm Cross and Epitaphios Procession


Sat. 1st May 10am Vesperal Liturgy

8pm - 10pm Paschal Light  (No Liturgy)

Sun. 11am Divine Liturgy of Pascha



Name Days

1st Rosalyn Mary

23rd Alice; Alexandra; Georgia; George Dobson; George Gandy; George Coulis

May 2nd Anastasia



8th Fanoula (2015)

16th John Sidney Yeomans (2002)

22nd Chad Makings (1999)

Parish Feasts

23rd Our Cathedral of St. George in London.

May 2nd Our church of the Holy Resurrection, Dresden.


Monday, 22 March 2021

Church closed until 4th April

Important Message:

"One of those who came to church yesterday has tested positive for covid, no symptoms, but a positive test.
The church must therefore be closed for services for ten days.

We shall continue to serve the paraclesis at home.

Fr. Gregory and Helen, his wife, live-stream services from their home and Reader Daniel serves vespers from his home.

We shall resume services with the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 4th April at 11 am.

May the Lord have mercy and bless us all! "

Fr. Samuel.

Friday, 12 March 2021

Church heating Sunday 14th March 2021

Unfortunately, there will be no heating at all in church for the foreseeable future!
We will be looking at short-term solutions and ultimately  long-term solutions, but for now a massive water leak underground makes the boiler inoperative..
Please make sure you wear very warm clothing if you are coming to services. 
God bless us all and have mercy!
Fr. Samuel.