Monday, 1 October 2018

October 2018 Services

At Audley ( ST7 8EN):

Every Wednesday Liturgy at 11am

At Dresden (ST3 4PD / ST3 4NE):

Every Saturday : 6pm Great Vespers
Except 6th *
Every Sunday :10am Matins
 11am Divine Liturgy.
(Sunday 14th : Chrismation at 10am)

*Saturday October 6th  Pilgrimage to Saint Winifride at Holywell inNorth Wales.

9th James Sanders
12th Wilfrid; Edwin
28th Sub-deacon Terence

10th Richard Grace (2013)
19th Metropolitan Gabriel (2007)


Saints of Britain: Saint Winifride—3rd November

Winifride (or Gwenfrewi in Welsh) was the niece of Saint Beuno the Wonderworker and she lived further up the valley from his cell.Caradoc, the son of a local chieftain attempted to seduce her but she repelled him and ran towards her uncle’s chapel for sanctuary. Caradoc flew into a rage, pursued her and cut off her head. Her uncle came to her and through fervent prayer, replaced her head and she was brought back to life.After this, Winifride entered the monastic life under the spiritual guidance of Saint Eleri. Eventually, Saint Winifride travelled west to the hills above the Conwy valley and founded there a monastery of nuns in the village of Gwytherin. She left this world in the year 650 and was laid to rest by Saint Eleri.