Monday, 30 March 2009


We have already begun to clean things !!!

EPITAPHIOS AND OTHER FLOWERS: Please remember that we have to buy lots of flowers for the Great Week and Pascha services. There are the back of the church for donations, or you can bring your own envelope marked “Flowers for Pascha”, or you can bring extra flowers.

For Great Friday help will be needed to decorate the Epitaphios canopy after the Royal Hours, around 12.30pm. This is for everyone to do, but is not a social occasion and is done fasting and in silence. The crucified Saviour is hanging in our presence.

For Great Saturday bay leaves and rose petals are needed for scattering and after the Vesperal Liturgy of St Basil on Great Saturday morning there is a lot to do. If everybody who comes to the morning liturgy stayed behind for half an hour after the liturgy to help we would get the whole thing done, instead of a small handful of people having to spend the whole afternoon at it!

For Pascha we need to dye red eggs (dye is available in the refreshment room during Great Week) and prepare food for the Feast.

John and Veronica Warden have again offered their home for the Feast after the Paschal Liturgy.
Cyril and Magdalene have offered their home to us for the feast after the Sunday Vespers of Love.
Bring something to share with everyone.


This is an invaluable source of income for the church, so please use it for your cards, gifts, books, CDs, DVDs and icons.