Saturday, 30 May 2009

Youth Activities

1. GOYGB Youth Camp.

Fr. Philip ( Lincoln ) has been the Chaplain for this camp for about a decade now and recommends it to very highly. They have room this year for about 50 participants and twenty adult helpers. There is lots to see on the internet site and all the relevant application forms etc.

What are the benefits for the Participants?
It is fun.
They get to meet other young Orthodox from many Dioceses from all over the world.
There are daily “lessons” about the faith.
There are interesting activities: I don’t yet know what is planned for this year but previously we have had:
Camping in the woods; Making fires; Woodcarving; Making prosphora; Music workshops; Saints plays;
Orienteering; Falconry; “The Snake man”; Party; Pilgrimage; Visits from various clergy; Barbeque;
Arts and crafts; Kite making; Iconography; Komboskini making; Sports day;
“Camp fete” - no money changes hands! Morning and evening prayers; Visit to Victorian Farm;
Archery; Regular “reunions”;
Time off etc etc etc

However “The best times are when we are just going for a walk or having time off to chat” to quote a participant of many years.

What benefits are there for the Adult Helpers?
Potential marriage bureau!
They arrive early and leave late and get to know each other very well.
It is enormous fun.
Lots of musical opportunities.
Very regular reunions, which lead on to the Youth Festival, Young Parents’ camp etc.

2. Other Youth Activities.

Annual Youth Festival.
Next year it will be on Bank Holiday weekend 30th April to 3rd May 2010 in Ilam Derbyshire.

Facebook Group
Youth Festival (18 – 35yrs!)

Yahoo Group
There is a messaging group to keep people up to date with what’s going on, we also have a weekly bulletin of saints lives and the readings for the day.

Orthodox Youth Choir Group
There is a mailing group for choir related events which you can subscribe to here:

Google Calendar
If you want to subscribe to the combined calendar of events (embedded on the above website) the address is:
This is a public calendar with masses of events across UK and Europe