Sunday, 6 June 2010

Saint Edward’s, Athelhampton

Our Antiochian parish at Athelhampton in Dorset is dedicated to Saint Edward, king and passion-bearer. He was killed at nearby Corfe Castle in 987 and his relics lie in the monastery at Brookwood.
We went to the Divine Liturgy at Athelhampton on the Sunday of our holiday. The day before, we served a panikhida for Fr. John Nield at his grave in the churchyard.
Remember in your prayers Fr. David Harris and his congregation at Saint Edward’s.
During Martin’s visit to the parish in 2009, he was shown an interesting headstone which since the adoption of the church by the Orthodox appears to be growing its own icon of the Theotokos through the medium of a Lichen!
It is clearer in actuality than it appears in this photograph.