Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Name Days in October

Name Days in October.
12th Wilfred Maxfield. 18th Dr. Lucas Joy.
23rd Jacovos Harvey. 26th Claudiu
28th Terence.

19th Metropolitan Gabriel (2007).

Future Dates.
November: Parish Feast Meal will be a “bring and share” on Saturday 12th November at 12.30pm at Saint Marina’s Parish Hall in Longton.

Now that we have two churches and two priests, it is time for all of us to look at our giving to the Church in order to make the work of the Church possible.
In these difficult times, we need, more than ever, to remind ourselves that we put our trust in God, not in our own ability to supply our needs. Give freely and God will abundantly supply your needs. Be sensible and thrifty, and sparing in your giving, and you show your lack of trust in God.

Swanwick Deanery Conference 2012.
Father Gregory has booked Swanwick on the same basis as last time.... 80 places (expandable) at £130 with usual concessions and day attending rates, Monday 30th April (4pm) to Wednesday 2nd May (Lunch)... a non-fasting Paschal time.
The theme will be “Christian discipleship” and the following areas will be covered by quality speakers:-
Personal Vocations; Family Life and the Single State;
The Ascetical Life; The Kingdom of God and the World.