Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Services February 2012 at Audley and Dresden

Wed 1st 6.30pm Great Vespers of the Feast at Dresden
Thurs 2nd 11am Divine Liturgy of the Feast at Audley

Sat 4th 6pm Great Vespers (Audley and Dresden)
Sun 5th 10am Matins;11am Divine Liturgy (Audley and Dresden)
(Father George’s final Liturgy at Audley)

Services at St. Michael’s, Audley

Wed 8th 11am Divine Liturgy
Wed 15th 11am Divine Liturgy
No Liturgy permitted on 22nd
Mon 27th 7pm Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete
Tues 28th 7pm Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete
Wed 29th 7pm Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
Thurs 1st March 7pm Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete

Services at the Church of the Holy Resurrection, Red Bank, Dresden

Every Saturday 6pm Great Vespers
Every Sunday 10am Matins; 11am Divine Liturgy

Note: Sun 26th 6pm Forgiveness Vespers
Fri 2nd March 7pm Akathist to Saint Chad

~~~ Great Lent begins Monday 27th February ~~~

Name Days
3rd Archimandrite Simeon
7th Richard Grace
16th Nicholas Chapman (O.S)
19th Philothei Maxfield

2nd Protopresbyter Alban (2009)
10th Photini (2006)

Advanced Notice of Pilgrimages
Sat 3rd March Veneration of the Relics of Saint Chad in the R.C. Cathedral in Birmingham
Sat 23rd June Pisani Chapel open day
Sat 28th July Stoney Middleton Liturgy
Sat 4
th August Saint Bertram Liturgy at Ilam

Huge Thanks… … go to Stephan for his sterling work over the past few months in producing this Newsletter. You will be disappointed to learn that your old editor is back!

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