Monday, 28 May 2012

Minton tiled floors

One of the architectural highlights of our church in Dresden is the tiled floor which was covered by carpet for many years. The carpet and much of the wooden staging in the chancel had to be removed as a consequence of the many leaks found in the heating system which had rotted these away.
Many hours were spent cleaning off years of dirt but even so, the floor needs much more work if it is going to regain any of its original splendour and this is not a job for us amateurs.
In May, idly browsing the internet, Martin located a specialist in the restoration of Minton tiled floors – specialists whose work is usually the restoration of those few square feet of tiles found in household hallways.
Sadly, specialists are always expensive.
Thinking that to obtain a quote would do no harm and that we might at least get some hints on the care of the floor, Martin invited them to view the floor with Fr Samuel, to quote for some work and offer advice.
They duly arrived and expressed great enthusiasm. The proprietor said that the chance to work on a whole church floor was unusual and that he and colleagues in the trade might offer to volunteer to help, simply for the chance to take advantage of this rare opportunity – in return for the price of the materials! The quote was supplied and the floor will be repaired, missing tiles matched where possible, uneven patches re-set and the whole lot cleaned, sealed and polished for a mere £1,800!
This is close to the usual price for a house hallway and represents an offer that we cannot refuse.

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