Monday, 27 August 2012

Dresden Cleaning

A small group of the usual suspects meets on a Thursday morning at the Church of the Resurrection in  Dresden for cleaning duties and a bit of socialising.
It is a large church and the group is small!
If anyone can offer an hour or two of their time to help out with sweeping, polishing and vacuuming, their presence would be hugely appreciated.I’m sure times other than Thursday mornings would be acceptable too if it fits in better with your busy lifestyles.
Speak to Irene or Kim if you can help!
Anything else!
There is always going to be something you can help with. Clive for example strolls through the churchyard at Dresden a couple of times a week and takes the opportunity to pick up litter. This might sound like a small job but you should see the state of the place when he has a day off! If you have some free time and would like to contribute to the church in some way, please make it known.