Saturday, 4 January 2014

Services in January 2014 at Audley and Dresden

Please note that the next two weekends, 18/19th and 25/26th , we shall be using our church at Audley for our services.
This is while Alban (Robert) and his friends prepare and repaint the north aisle at our church in Dresden.

At St. Michael’s, Audley, ST7 8EN
Every Wednesday 11 am Divine Liturgy or Akathist.
(Except 8th)

Wed 1st 11am Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil and Blessing of Vassilopitta.

Mon. 6th 11am Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil and Outdoor Blessing of the Waters.

At the Church of the Holy Resurrection,
Red Bank, Dresden, ST3 4PD

Every Saturday 6pm Great Vespers.
Every Sunday 10am Matins; 11am Divine Liturgy.

Sun. 5th after 11am Divine Liturgy the Indoor Great Blessing of the Waters.

Name Days
1st Vasiliki Harvey.
7th Cristian Bostan; Oana Onofrei; Afaf Sanders; Jan Penn Jones.
14th Nino Bartholomew.
17th Antonis Harvey.
27th Nina Chapman (OS).

6th Archpriest Michael (2010).
14th Mary Carter (2005).
18th Fr. John Nield (2001).

Parish Feasts
13th  Doncaster : Saint Kentigern (Mungo).
16th  Sutton, Norfolk: Saint Fursey.