Sunday, 2 March 2014


1st March sees us back at our usual weekend location at the Church of the Holy
Resurrection in Dresden.
Thanks are due to all the painters, decorators and the many who volunteered
and took part in the cleanup operation at the end of February.
Work on the iconostasis and the delivery of our first two new icons from Efrem
in Manchester gives us a glimpse of the finished article.
Because these icons are brand new, they have yet to be varnished – something
that cannot happen until this time next year. This is the reason why they are
temporarily protected by perspex at the moment.
If anyone would like to donate money towards more icons for the screen,
perhaps as a memorial, please have a word with Fr Samuel.
Those who didn't manage to offer any assistance with cleaning this time around
will be very pleased to hear that the South aisle is going to be repainted in May,
so there will be plenty of opportunity very soon to do your bit.
Specific information will follow about arrangements for May, but we will again
be transferring our weekend services to Audley while that is done.
I think the experience of having our weekend services in Audley these past
weeks, while it has been just like old times, has shown how cramped the church
of Saint Michael had become – even with smaller than average congregations.

Regular Cleaning 

Volunteers are always in demand for cleaning both of our churches.
Dresden has its weekly clean on Thursdays under the supervision of Irene and Kim.
Please see either of them if you can help wield a duster or operate a vacuum cleaner.
Audley currently receives less attention but is no less in need.
It is not fair to ask Irene and Kim to take two buses each way in order to clean that church
as well, so please volunteer and make arrangements to have keys if you have an hour