Monday, 30 September 2013

Miss Ukraine 2013

There is much news concerning

Christians around the world at
the moment – most of which
requiring our prayers and
donations of money.
A rather brighter story caught
my eye earlier this week
On the left is pictured Anna
Zayachkivskaya, recently
crowned “Miss Ukraine 2013”
and a contender in the Miss
Universe competition.
While in the UK we have shrugged off these competitions as politically incorrect,they are alive and flourishing in the East of Europe. What is perhaps surprising and what brings her to these pages is that she has just completed work on an icon “The Shroud” for her Bachelor of Arts degree. She is a member of two youth organisations founded by the winner of Miss Ukraine 2007, Lika Roman.“Silver Ring” promotes sexual abstinence until marriage and “VIP” which fights against the use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs in cultivating a healthy lifestyle and moral values. Anna is a regular parishioner in her church under the Kiev Patriarchate and when asked what she would be doing after the competitions
replied that she would continue to keep painting icons.