Thursday, 5 September 2013

Scout Hall

Autumn Fair in November

Our Autumn Fair is on 2nd November at Dresden Scout Hall.
Does anyone have any ideas for stalls or want to take charge of organising one of the stalls?
We are hoping to have a Christmas Present Stall where we can sell handmade crafts and
quality items. Can anyone produce anything for this stall?
Handmade aprons, bags, knitted/crocheted hats, gloves, blankets, wooden items, pot
plants, paintings, drawings etc.
Or do you know anyone who could make something for the fair?
Our usual stalls are:
Bric a Brac – This is always a popular stall and we need clean good quality items for it
Toys, Books, Games, DVDs, CDs – This stall also attracts a lot of attention and we need ALL
items for it please
The Jumble Stall – This draws people and we are hoping to do a clothes rail with
quality/new items this year. Any donations of clean clothing, bedding, shoes, bags, etc.
would be greatly appreciated.
Grocery Stall – This always tempts people with homemade cakes, biscuits and sandwiches.
It is a very popular friendly stall. We need Jams, pickles etc. Also cakes, breads, scones, pies
on the day. Please bring what you can as we always sell out!
Refreshments – We sell tea and coffee with cakes and biscuits. This gets very busy and the
customers love it and have proved to be very friendly and encouraging.
Raffles/Prize Every time – The raffles can bring in a lot of money but we need more people
to sell tickets for us. With only two or three people selling tickets we do well, if more
people would sell tickets for us it could make a great difference.
Also, we will need prizes. Can anyone supply us with any? All items/ideas gratefully
Please get involved and let me or Veronica know which stall you would like to be involved
with. If you can make posters, or deliver fliers, or help with floats for stalls, or help to clear
away after the fair, please let us know as there is a lot of hard work to do but we have an
enjoyable day with a lively atmosphere.


Scout Hall Costs

We use Dresden Scout Hall for one hour after each Sunday Liturgy.
The cost is £7 an hour, with this comes the use of the toilets when needed throughout any
of our services.
We have a good relationship with the Scout leaders and use the hall for fairs and functions.
We need donations to fund the hall rent. There is a jar on the counter in the hall after every
Sunday morning service.
It would be a shame to lose this facility.
We are averaging £2.50 a week towards it, then we have to take it from church funds.

No rent = No Hall = No Toilet!